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Hey, what’s up, YouTube? You are at the all of us handle blades funnel today. I’ve obtained depend on fires to assess. Yes, now the one we’re gon na assess in this video. Is that a person, the T 4? As you can see, this is their 18 650 lithium-ion cell schedule.

They all make use of 1 18 650 right, yet those 2 are much more, the EDC kind designs and also this set even more of a tactical light, and I will certainly explain what I imply, but right it’s, got the strike bezel alright, to make sure that’S what we’re gon na assess in this video clip.

Currently this light the T for maximum brightness 1000 lumens optimal light beam, distance, 384 meters, as well as right here are the remainder of the stats on the light. You can additionally see Tactical FLASHLIGHTS Evaluates the runtimes there, the light beam distance, and also if you want to simply read the entire thing, you can go on and also stop this video clip as well as read it at your leisure.

Your t4 will certainly get here with this lanyard, some added o rings, and this holster, which has velcro over flap it’s, obtained this loop on the back and that as well as, as you can see, it’s got a tactical ring with a lanyard Port there, as well as lanyard ports there, it’s, got a removable pocket.

The clip tactical ring is additionally detachable and relatively easy to fix. It’s obtained a pronounced strike. Bezel it’s obtained lots of structure for grip, as well as for distributing the warmth. It’s obtained a tail button, as well as it has a smooth reflector.

Since is the low setting to get at the battery. You just loosen the tail cap here, alright, so that is a trust fire battery that did not included this light, yet that came with one more of my trust fund: fire lights, so I figured I would certainly use the trust fire in the trust fund fire.

Now, this has two different Tactical FLASHLIGHTS Reviews mode cycles. In the very first setting cycle, it couldn’t be a lot more straightforward. All it has is the high mode in this cycle, so a half-press will certainly offer you temporarily on, and also if you want it to stay on, just complete all right.

To make sure that is the high setting, which is the initial setting cycle extremely basic. Currently, to get to the second setting cycle, what you do simply a quarter-turn of the head below, just a little really not also that much, just a tiny bit, which places it in the second mode cycle and also now for the 2nd setting cycle.

Tactical FLASHLIGHTS Reviews Currently be advised, we have a strobe coming with in this alright, so yet initially, this is reduced mode right now; if I transform it off and afterwards turn it on once more, memory features. So currently it’s in a reduced setting. All right, allow’s cycle through that was reduced.

It’s only 5 lumens. That’s medium. That’s, the high mode, that’s, the strobe all right, and that’s. Sos mode, you require to uh signal for aid okay, so that’s, the second setting cycle. Alright, currently, I’m going to roll in a lot of trial video.

I went to the Creek. I mosted likely to various fields. I mosted likely to the lake. I mosted likely to the overload. I found animals in the yard wish you enjoy this video, as well as after that, I’ll come back with final thoughts on this trust.

Fire flashlight right here is the top sight beam of light shot of this. A that’s. My foot right here’s a top view of this count on fire light. Wow, some good geometry. There yeah, take a look at those angles, and also it’s, copulating.

Allow’s, get behind it. Yeah, rather good, I indicate that’s. You can see that river of light there, okay, YouTube. We’re out here on the old testing board, with this trust fund fire t4. This is the most affordable mode. You can’t see it.

We’re gon na cycle via the settings. Alright, this is just the most affordable setting. Tactical FLASHLIGHTS Reviews So I do not recognize if the electronic camera can choose that up and also I’m gon na caution you. I’m gon na cycle via to the strobes momentarily, so strobe warning alright, so once again reduced setting.

This is the medium setting. This is the high mode that’s, a strobe yeah that’s, a pretty that’s, a rather disorienting strobe, and also this also has SOS IC SOS mode. Alright, that’s. Sufficient of that; it’s type of annoying, however you recognize I did wish to reveal you all the settings alright back to the high setting.

Now that it’s absolutely brilliant and also, as you can see, it’s an excellent balance of emphasis as well as flood there. What’s up? YouTube was out on the road. Can you hear all the frogs as well as everything? Alright? Let’s. Uh! Let’s! Radiate this in the future, Tactical FLASHLIGHTS Reviews see what you would see if your.